Our methodology is detailed in the various ‘Work streams’ described hereunder:

Workstream 1: With the Consultant Team, Meet with Client and the User/s to Define the Project Brief

This work stream would entail:

• As part of the Consultant Team, meet with Client and the User/s to establish the ‘Project Brief’ – this may require a series of meetings.
• Inspection of the project site and its surrounds
• Preliminary site investigation including preparation of a ‘fatal flaw’ report on site conditions in order to determine the overall feasibility of the project
• Advice to the Client in terms of the need for surveys, analyses, tests and site or other investigations, as well as approvals, where such are required for the completion of the ‘fatal flaw’ report, and preparation of briefs for the procurement of such specialist services
• Searching for, obtaining and collation of available data, drawings and plans relating to the project. This will entail liaison with the relevant Local Authority.

Workstream 2: Preliminary Design Stage

Following the Client’s instructions to proceed with the development of preliminary designs and proposals, we would then:

• Provide input to the Consultant Team to assist with the preparation of preliminary drawings and specifications
• Establish the final design criteria
• Advise the Client as to the need for any further surveys, analyses, tests and site or other investigations, as well as approvals, which may be required.
• Interpretation of the results of these tests and investigations, including geotechnical and/or foundation investigations and preparation of a report containing recommendations to be applied to and incorporated in the various designs. We will also take the environmental management plan into account
• Prepare and issue preliminary drawings and specifications to the Project Team

Workstream 3: Design and Tender Stage

Following the Client’s instructions to proceed with the preparation of all documents necessary to enable tenders for the works to be called for or for the works to be otherwise placed, we will attend to the following:

• Advise the Client as to the necessity for further surveys, special visits or the use of specialist consultants
• Preparation of detail designs and tender drawings
• Provision of information and/or design criteria necessary for the design of other services (e.g. specialist foundations)
• Preparation of ‘Tender Returnable Documentation’ for specialist work
• Preparation of a ‘Quality Control Plan’ for inclusion in the tender documents
• Preparation of presentation of civil and structural information for the tenderers’ briefing session
• Assistance with adjudication of the tenders in terms of structural and civil matters
• Advice to the Client on any alternative designs and tenders
• Advice to the Client as to the provision of a construction monitoring service (eg. Resident Engineer or Clerk of Works type person)
• Advice to the Client in terms of the procurement of long lead items (eg. Specialist fencing components)

Workstream 4: Working Drawing Stage

Following the Client’s instructions to proceed to construction, we will:

• Prepare for issue ‘For Construction’ all concrete, steel and civil engineering layouts
• Provide innovative and current design solutions with the focus on low-maintenance materials and finishes
• We will work closely with the Consultant Team to ensure that all our drawings are co-ordinated

Workstream 5: Construction Stage

During Construction, we will :

• Monitor the execution of the civil and structural works for compliance with the contract by attending site meetings on a combined average frequency of at least one day every two weeks for the duration of the construction
• Check the contractor’ s plant, equipment and systems for the works for conformity with design requirements
• Compile and record all material tests (eg. concrete cube test results, compaction tests, etc.)
• Issue instructions to the contractor to remedy defective work

Workstream 6: Completion

Upon completion, we will:

• Inspect the works and issue our ‘Certificate of Stability’
• Prepare ‘As-Built’ drawings for issue to the Client
• Prepare and issue maintenance schedules (where applicable)